Day 1 – Heather: blogging, foruming & poeting

So I started my day in the rain running. This is week two of my training and according to my running plan, I’m up to 18 minutes of running a day. It doesn’t sound like too much but I’m getting there! I’m currently on a contract with PayPal so I was down in Richmond head office for the day. I sent 39 emails during the course of the day and sent off email interview questions to some of the latest winners of the current PayPal competition. I also answered questions online on the forum of Let’s Talk – the website I run for PayPal. Usually I get people on there who are frustrated and Let’s Talk is the last place they feel they can turn to for help or for their questions answered. It can be hard going sometimes as people can be very angry but when you help them, it’s a great feeling.

I took out an hour for lunch (which I never usually do) and caught up with my friend Chuck who works as a liason between PayPal and eBay. Back at my desk, I worked on the forum and analyzed the information on phase 2 of development of the site. At 4, I took a break and spoke with a company in Canada that I want to work with on my full length documentary, Wild West Dream, and they’re going to come back to me with some costings. I then finished work and ran to the train. My friend Michelle says I should be called Rushin’ as I’m always rushing everywhere. She’s completely right.

While waiting for the train, I spoke to my executive producer about the documentary, told her how the call went and asked her the best places to find music for the short doc my team and I finished last week and are getting it ready to enter in a Channel 4 competition this weekend.

I was due at Linklaters in Barbican at 7 and made it there by the skin of my teeth. I was on my way into the middle of the city to perform at the presentation of the Hackney Young Poet Laureate Awards (and to give the awards to the winners). I worked with the students a few weeks before and I got to hear their award winning poems as well as the ones we started working on at our workshop. Not all the students ended up coming but I think it was a nice little night with parents, students and some people from the Learning Trust. Here is the first half of my reading and this is the second half of it.

A few of us went for a drink afterwards (don’t worry! No students came along!) and I headed home at 10 after a little red wine and chips. Once home, I searched for music for the documentary and fell asleep around 12ish. Earlier then normal – I think the small amount of running has begun to make me sleepy.