Introduction (warning: I have a tendency to ramble)

Hi I’m Denrele, blogger, writer, poet, working drone for “da man”. I do it all, baby. So why am I here? Well that could take pages to answer but for propiety’s sake, I’ll keep it brief. After around a 3 year hiatus from writing (a period during which I loathed pen and page with an insane and vigorous fervour), I started up again in March. I jumped in the deep end by taking the infamous 30/30 poetry challenge on Facebook and I loved it. I’ve been writing regularly ever since.

This past year has gone by in blur of intense introspection, change and growth. I don’t rightly know where I’m going but it has been one hell of a ride so far and it is far from over. I am currently in a period of cultivating discipline. This includes exercising regularly, eating consciously, and living attentively. Or in other words becoming a commuting cyclist (have wheels, will travel), watching what’s going into my mouth and what it does or doesn’t do for me, a routine of morning pages everyday and meditation before bedtime.

I sound fantastic don’t I? I am not.  It is hard work. I do it because it helps so much and I would be in real trouble without it. It’s a survival thing. I do these things to live. Really.

Okay, apart from that I run a daily blog (I use the term “daily” losely) on fashion called dressed and pressed. I am trying to post a week in advance so that I actually have some breathing space, should I need it. It’s not going great but it’ll get better. I recently signed up for a short story writing course at the City Lit which I start in January. I cannot wait.

In the meantime, I resolved to keep my hand in by doing a “daily discipline” thing that involves me taking an hour each day after work before I head home to do some fiction and/or poetry writing. It is an attempt to poke my all-too-vocal inner critic in the eye. I’m not aiming for perfection in these hour-long moments more a sort of productiveness.
I figure producing something (anything) is better than being stuck in writers’ block limbo. It’s working for me so far. I am just enjoying putting pen to paper writing preposterous and highly illogical storylines, conjuring characters and places… You know, having fun. And building that routine muscle that little bit more.

On top of all this, I also have a social life. I go out a lot. I have junkets to attend, gigs and exhibitions to see, theatre and movies to watch. Then there’s the day job. 9 to 5 every week day I work a contract as a Digital Project Manager/ Web Manager/ Editor. I like having a day job. It helps me hone my people skills (believe me I need it. Ask Jacob. Heh!) My current project runs till the end of the year and I’ve resolved to take January off. I can afford it and contract work is always at a low ebb in January.

I think it would be more productive all round if I just take that time to think about what I want to do next and not waste it worrying about where the next job is coming from because if there is one thing I’ve learned in my not so short working life, it’s this: there is always work. Always. Even in the middle of recession. It might not be the work that you want to do but there is always something that needs doing and someone who will pay you to do it. And in the downtime between jobs you are better served by keeping yourself doing the stuff that you really want to do. That’s the precious time. That’s the time that we all work hard to earn money to buy.

So anyway, veering off topic somewhat… Yeah. I’m looking forward to keeping a journal of my daily doings. Mostly because I need a reminder that I am actually doing stuff and that I am not just a useless, ageing waste of space. But I also like the idea of a community of writers coming together to share process. I’ve read all your posts so far and I have really enjoyed them and I look forward to reading more. And there you have it. My intro. Accounts of my days to follow soon.