Day 1

I’m scared. I’m scared because I’ve got too much to do. For the first time in ages (possibly ever) I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I work Monday to Wednesday at a publishing house in Kingston as an editor, so today I went to work. I live in East Ham so I have to get up pretty early — around 6.45am. I also get home around 6.45pm after a 5pm finish.

I have recently taken on a project as editor for London listings guide Life in Colour magazine. This will ordinarily be a few days a month, but as I only started on Thursday, I’ve been thrown in at the deep end for the next edition, which is a double edition — December and January — and is due on 4 December. That’s two weeks. The weekend was a bust because my Mum is in town (and I love her dearly and her company literally completes my day). I also had to go and see my Mum straight after work as she made a huge point about me seeing her today. When I got to my sister’s where she is staying she wasn’t there. I ended up killing an hour, but I did eat, so technically it was useful.

I’m really trying to squeeze in  compiling these listings, sourcing five interviews (which will have to be done and written up this week alongside my part-time job and other responsibilities) but I just can’t get my head around it this evening. I made a call to a writer and had a mini interview about some of the pages. I sent some admin emails to the mag, I posted a few on Twitter to drum up some listings, I called a couple of friends to pull in some favours. But I haven’t actually done anything yet. I did a few bits over the weekend, and I’m using Scrivener to compile all the content. Really need to pin down the features. In the back of my mind is my radio show, which is tomorrow 6 — 8pm. I haven’t planned my set yet. I’m probably going to have to do it at work — in my lunch hour of course…

I know I’m not going to sleep until about 2am — if I’m lucky. More likely 2.45. Unfortunately, if I pass 2.20am I’m a bit of a mess the next morning, but things pick up by midday.

The thought of sleeping late is stressing my out a bit, even though I sleep at this time more or less every day. I’m thinking about having a little cry later on. It probably won’t happen though, as it already feels like the biggest waste of time.

Well that’s my day.