Naomi’s day – 23rd November

This is from my profile, so you don’t have to read it twice, or maybe you do !

“I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember, although saying that I did have a break of about 15 years when I tried to forge a career elsewhere. Now I’m back, I attempt a daily writing practice, I’m a fanatical blogger and I earn my money teaching and doing marketing to fill in the financial gaps. I’m freelance and work at home so my day to day life varies a lot. A few years ago I had a shuddering mental breakdown which was one of the things that helped me decide to go back to writing. Things are much better now but I still have times when getting myself out in to the world can be a great challenge.”

Today rain has pretty much stopped play. I began by wading through an inbox (which at 7pm still needs tending to). I went to Esther Poyer’s to take some portraits (a sideline which I hope to expand in to an off shoot money making enterprise but at present am assembling my online portfolio at Flickr). The shoot went well. Left to go and meet Richard Tyrone Jones for the second photo shoot of the day only to discover massive puncture in my back bicycle wheel. Walked home in the rain. Grumpy. Tended to more emails. A writer friend came around for tea and we put the world to rights over shortbread biscuits. This evening it’s Photoshopping Esther’s photos and posting them on Flickr, and finishing and posting a poem for my Moments of Chaos and Nostalgia blog.

Phew – then bed.

Naomi x