Day 2 – Samera

Today I woke up drafting an email in my head. I need to let the Life In Colour publisher know that I have compiled the listings. I didn’t want to send them straight away as they all need editing. I had intended to do some editing in the day — again in my lunch hour — and so saved the 77 listings in a Dropbox folder. I opted against this in the end as I don’t like duplication of work. I really want to do it all in Scrivener and have a logical path/thread to what I’m producing. I like to keep things together. I’m troubled that Scrivener is so tied to one computer; it really does stunt my progress.

My face was hurting a bit because I was tired, having stayed up until 4am to finish the listings. So the draft email probably helped as I at least woke up alert. I opted to stay in bed for an extra 15mins — enough to appease my tiredness but not enough to reach that ‘late for work’ tipping point.

I ran to the bus stop. I actually run everyday, even if I’m early, because I’m so used to being late; it’s become somewhat of a habit!

I take a bus, tube and train to work. Then I walk. I travelled with my eyes closed on the bus as my face was still hurting. I really needed a seat on the tube, so I visualised myself in a tube seat while on the bus. I only had to wait one stop for a seat — result! Really it belonged to the man standing in front of it, but I really needed that seat. So I indicated my intention by removing my bag from my shoulder. When he turned and offered my the seat, I gave a delightful thank you. I’m sure that made his day.

On my lunch hour I made three calls. One arranged an interview with Erik Rico. (He’s in LA, which is 8 hours behind GMT, so the intention was to have the interview done at 2am. That gave me enough time to do my research and come up with questions. Unfortunately, I think I missed the confirmation call and so the interview will probably happen on Wednesday.) The next was to the Life In Colour admin time, just to touch base. The final call was to a friend for a quick hello.

I left work feeling super groggy. When I got home, after a quick family visit, I received one more call, this time regarding Amplified. I’m inspired by the plan of action and choice of direction for 2010 and my brain is doing overtime connecting the dots between my position in the team, plans for Amp and some of my new endeavours. Nice!

It’s 10pm and I’m officially no good to anyone, especially after a too hot bath. I decide to have a nap and end up waking up at 1am to continue working. The realisation that my Day 2 entry is going to have the wrong date on it sours my mood somewhat. But ho hum. Onwards and upwards.