Naomi’s second day 24th November

In short this day has pretty much been a wash out. A Bad not ‘feeling up to anything, managed to get myself out of bed’ Day. My main achievements have been to do some washing up, attend to more emails, potter on facebook, cry (yes I know it’s not work related but it does eat in to my time) and finally when I thought all hope was lost had a meeting at my new residency which looks like starting in January (dependent on funding). As well as talking about lots of possible ideas for the residency (which are endless) we looked at the ACE application form which left me shuddering. I met some of the clients, one lovely man called Jusef who showed me around the garden telling me the Latin names for all the plants and gave me some Mexican Orange Blossom leaves to take home and sniff. Not quite the winning goal in extra time but feel less wretched than when my day began.