Day 2 – Heather

I started today by walking most of the way to workand then preparing for a meeting to discuss the information archetechture for phase 2 of Let’s Talk – way more social interaction to go in there.  Woohoo.  Then the meeting for 90 minutes – and my PayPal counterpart loved it (which made me so happy as I want this pretty new site). 

I convinced the social media guy and PayPal brand rep to go out for lunch so we went to the Pheonix. I can’t believe I had two days in a row where I actually went out for lunch.  Amazing.  The afternoon was spent answering questions and dealing with a customer service error.  I decided to walk home after work and call Cath at the same time.  At home, I ate and watched some TV on my laptop before crawling into bed and writing 3 blog entries and answering a couple emails.  I wanted to do laundry and pack (I’m off to Serbia on Friday to launch my new book) but the 2 hours of walking made me very tired so I nodded off before I could call my sister.  Another early evening – asleep by midnight.  No time for creative writing – I’m only writing blogs these days.  Must find the…zzzz….