Day 3 – Heather

It’s day 3…I can’t believe Wednesday is almost done but here we are.  This morning starts with another run and it’s not too bad.  I’m in Richmond today and the sun is bright so I’m excited about life, even don’t mind going into an office – oh the power of the sun!

Emails then a meeting about next year’s plans for the developers network – hopefully I’ll be filming some of it.  Just got to work my magic.  12 hit and it was the launch of the eBay Women’s Network.  Some sushi from Pret for lunch (honestly, I never get this much take away lunch ever!) and then we had a Europe wide conference call. 

The session was meant to go until three but I needed to get some work done so I left at 1:45 – I think I was also annoyed by hearing a consultant say how women aren’t good networkers and how they often aren’t confident and would opt out of work if they could. Sigh. I’m sure the same goes for a lot of men.

I wrote a new article for Let’s Talk and then had calls with people in Dublin, San Jose, and Bonn.  End of day came and went.  Had dinner at the office as I wrote my running blog and my day 2 blog for here and tried to fix the code on my Red on Black Productions site so that I have a blog on the site that’s only on one page (and not the homepage).  I may have to speak sweetly to Jacob to give me some pointers.

Went through a film club plan with my friend Natalie and thought out loud with her about my first possible non-doc short film. Skyped with my friend Andrea in Edmonton and we talked about her 40th birthday plans to Machu Picchu (which I’m going to join her on!)  Then I talked music and syncing rights with my editor (we don’t understand about the charges and what is acceptable for a musician to ask for for a 3 minute documentary – I’m thinking not too much but the group we asked is asking for way too much) .

Home time and laundry and did my exercise profile on the Wii.  Watched an episode of Being Erica as I had some broth, put my laundry out, put another load in.  Am now watching House and writing this entry as I wait for my last load to finish washing.  Then to bed!  Being that it’s already after 12, it’s not too bad.