Day 3 – Samera

I didn’t go to work today. Think I’ve got a cold. I book a doctor’s appointment for Thursday morning.

I managed to have a bit of a lay-in, but I tend to call my Friend Mary on the way to work to hear what kind of a day she’s got planned, or to catch up on the night before. Either that or she calls me, which is what she did this morning. It was good timing; 8.15am.

Resting gives you a chance to think. Things on my mind: I have to sort out my press pass for the Winter Music Conference in Miami in May. Need to speak to Jez at Shook about that. Erik Rico interview for Life In Colour; I should see if Jez wants a piece of that too — I like doubling up. There’s also an interview with Trizonna in the pipeline that I need to get sorted. I need to speak to JC about organising some live events for the acts I met in Atlanta. I need to have another look at my web presence as some of those Atlanta contacts want to promote me and my radio show and I honestly have nowhere solid to send them.

I soon come to the conclusion that I need to get out of my flat and get something done, as sitting around thinking is not making me any better. Plus the fresh air will do me good. So I bundle myself in thermals and scarves and got ready to go to the Royal Festival Hall. Dressing was tiring so I just lay down for a second. I woke up an hour later.

I had a meeting planned with Mary about a mentor programme we want to start; I had to cancel and change it to a conference call. I also had an interview with DJ Rhodium arranged for the evening; that too was cancelled. Questions will be emailed instead.

I spoke to Erik Rico’s tour manager Barry King. I arranged to do the interview tomorrow at the sound check for his launch event. I ended up philosophising with Barry King on the music industry and London’s creative scene for about an hour and a half. Turns out they’ll be at the Winter Music Conference so that’s a nice little in.

Did some sleeping, TV watching, Facebook browsing.

I had a call re one of my projects where the caller wasn’t very gungho about my proposals. I kind of felt like ‘what is the point’ and ate a pack of Jaffa Cakes.

Then I spoke to a really nice guy who runs a online flatplanning solution. We spoke about functionality and ended up talking about a way I could brand the product as my own and offer a great editorial solution… hmmm.

I honestly don’t feel like I got a lot done today, so I’m a little on edge. Bit grumpy. Ultimately, the one thing I needed to do today was sort out the listings for Life In Colour so the entries were ready to go. It means another super late night, but I’ll just have to work on them before bed. Right after American Dad.