Day 4 – Heather

Today started with a little lie in as I just couldn’t get up.  I ended up staying up until almost 2 sorting out music.  Now by lie in I don’t mean a true lie in as I was out of the house by 8 am to get to Richmond – another day at PayPal.  Spent the morning talking through some of the stuff I was working on with the guys in San Jose last night and rewrote the end of the article I wrote yesterday (as I was a bit too salesy – and I definitely don’t want that).  A few more questions were answered and then had lunch with a couple of the other contractors in the office.  Wow – another lunch out.  This seems like a habit.  Maybe I go out more than I thought.

After Wagamamas, I stopped by M&S to buy some tights and then back at my desk.  Marketing meeting at 3.  Some interesting items – the Head of Marketing at PayPal UK is really switched on so his presentations and comments are always really insightful. I then met with the new consumer brand manager about using Audioboo for talking about offers and how we need to start being personal with our communications in the social space.  I tested our devises and started constructing an email to all of the company to recruit them into PayPal roving reporters.  Still need to do more work on the design of our audioboo page so won’t finish and send until Monday.  Offered my skills to the new eWIN group (women’s network) and talked through the plans of teaching some weekend communications courses in the West Midlands.  The first official one won’t be until September but have to do a lot of work developing the course beforehand.

Out for drinks and food for the Brand & Campaign management section of the team – I’m included in that as it’s the department most suitable to have me in.  We went to OriginAsia, it was pretty good despite their order mix-ups and the problem with their credit card machine at the end.  Then to the Rock and Rose for more drinks – Strawberry Bellinis for me :)  My friend Judy from Glasgow met us there and at 1 took a cab back to mine. Visited for a little bit, then I packed and went to bed.