Day 4 – Jacob

Up at 7am, for a quick work out, followed by prep for the rest of the day. Printed poems from Miriam to be discussed in a later session, double-checked iPhone access to documents I might have needed for one of my meetings. Then out the door. Breakfast, again, on the hop, courtesy of PrĂȘt.

First appointment of the day was a workshop at the Barbican. 2 hours with year 5 students, with the intention of running fun poetry related activities. I was expecting 30, but the school only brought 15. They were a little later than planned – while waiting, I sketched out ideas for a blog post and some plans for transferring one of my web projects from a forum to a blog platform.

After the workshop, I stopped at PrĂȘt again for lunch. Caught up on a bit of mail, caught up on some of the entries on this blog, and made notes for my next meeting. Gotta love having a web enabled smartphone.

The next meeting was with Apples & Snakes at Free Word. Two and a half hours pounding out the finer details of a youth poetry project. After that, an unscheduled meeting yielded a good result – I may be running a quarterly youth poetry event next year…

During the meetings, I got two messages – one to say that the poet that’s supposed to shadow me in tomorrow’s workshop has gone into hospital for an emergency operation. Another to say that the teacher I usually have with me for tomorrow’s workshop also won’t be there. I also realised that T-mobile still hadn’t reactivated my voicemail since my return from Chicago. Called in to sort that out, and found that a previous well-meaning customer services rep had totally nuked my voicemail service when I left the country. And I thought all those missed callers were just being lazy…

Jumped on the train from Farringdon to Waterloo for another two meetings at the Southbank. First, Suzanne – to get a new email account up and running on her Macbook Pro, discuss a move into a shared office with her in 2010, and give her a bit of tech-related advice (mostly software). Second, Miriam (who I’m currently mentoring) – to check in on her current projects vs her goals, talk about ways we can work together through 2010, set her a challenge to submit work to literary journals, and look at the poems she’s submitted for her first pamphlet. Starting a 19.30, I’d put aside an hour and a half for that final meeting, but ended up going on for an extra hour. Got the 22.25 back to Catford, and touched down at home for 23.00.

I’m supposed to finish a poem tonight, but I’m clocking off. I’ll take care of everything else in the morning.