Day 4 – Samera

Hmmm. Well I have a throat infection. I was told by a doctor, it’s not the usual self-diagnosis pulled from my arse.

I spent today sleeping and feeling emotional. I’ve painted my nails a rather dazzling shade of red. I’m achy.

I watched a few Family Guys and an American Dad. Made a few calls, cancelled a few meetings. And worked on the listings. I was supposed to be interviewing Erik Rico today, but luckily he had to postpone, so he’ll be coming onto my radioshow on Tuesday instead.

Today is my Evolving Words day. I’m the web editor for this project, which has been celebrating Darwin’s contributions for the past year as it’s the 200th anniversary of his birth. It’s been really interesting, check if out:

I uploaded some new content today and organised for content to be ready for my next session working on the site. Sent a few emails.

I needed to keep it simple today as I’m off to Birmingham tomorrow. I’ll be wearing thermals.

I’m going back to bed now.