Day 4 – Paula Small (written on Day 5)


Yesterday was Thanksgiving (or as I called it, Thanks for Taking) Day here in the U. S.

Most folk were off (with pay) on Thursday and Friday; I was fortunate to be one o’ those folk.

The day was its usual fill of food, family, friends & fun. I didn’t have family here in Portland, but I spent almost 4 hours yesterday with friends who were like family. We ate turkey & a host of other goodness. We also drank Martinelli’s Cider, which always makes me happy. It’s a non-alcoholic beverage for those who weren’t sure.

Yesterday was a bit odd, because I didn’t do much before the dinner, except catch up on sleep (went to bed at ~3 am) and then wake up at 7 am. I went to breakfast with a couple of good friends and we noshed & chatted for about 3 hours. That was the kind of morning I wished I could have more often.

When I lived in Los Angeles, I was a freelance bookkeeper. Not the most creative jaunt, no, but it did afford me flexible time to create – and set my schedule to my fancy.

As a working stiff, I find the pressure of working to make ends barely meet, while being starkly less than enthused about my job, draining on my creative flow.

Back to yesterday, after the breakfast, I returned to my apartment and got a bit of the household/domestic chores handled, but not as much, because soon it was time to get ready for supper.

After the supper/dinner, we watched the DVD of “Up”, which I’d seen in theatres. It was a lovely film & I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

I only stayed for about half of the film, because I was due at the station ( to edit/run audio for a syndicated programme. I arrived at the station on time, approx. 6 pm, but had to stand in the rain for a bit, because the board op was a sub & didn’t know how to handle after-hours entry. He’s a nice fellow, but the rain I didn’t mind as much as the bone-chilling air.

Got inside (finally) and proceeded to the room to get the audio prepped. Oh my goodness! I wouldn’t normally post about somethin’ so minimal to y’all, but the audio I edited was the worst one yet. The content was good, but there were a lot of promos that I had to edit. Usually, it’ll take me approx. 30 minutes total to edit and burn a copy onto a CD. But, in addition to the promos, there was about 15 mins of extra audio that turned out to be repetitive audio. Fortunately, I listened well enough to know. Spent almost an hour between the edit & the burning, including having to switch computers mid-way.

The sub (nice fellow) for the previous programme wasn’t aware that he should just play an music CD, so he started to play the previous evening’s programme of the show I edited. Fortunately, I was done with my night’s audio & was listening and heard the intro begin. I ran into the air room, graciously thanked him (he really did mean well – bless), then did my usual intro for the programme. I quickly played some filler bits to buy m’self 2 extra minutes to grab the CD, my stuff, say g’bye to another volunteer and return to the air room, as if nothing happened. I pressed play & the programme began just about on-time at a li’l after 7 pm.

That made me feel accomplished!

By the time Jamilah, the host of a programme from 8 to 10 pm, arrived, I was feelin’ much more at ease. I usually sit in during Jamilah’s show, to participate in the public affairs portion, as well as to jam to whatever music she spins. I did so last nite as well.

The nite was also filled with chatter with other volunteers at the station. We watched some clips on YouTube, I played a bit on Facebook (while I played the audio) and then headed home at a li’l after midnite.

I arrived home with intentions to watch DVDs, so I could return them, but checked e-mail, responded to e-mail and played on Facebook.

To my credit, I did manage to scribble in a notebook during the musical portion of Jamilah’s show. It seems to be a more consistent time/space for me to pull somethin’/anythin’ from my mind.

I went to sleep late again, because I knew I didn’t have to work in a few hours. I was lookin’ forward to havin’ a lazy day, with some household chores thrown in. The only plan really for Friday was to return the movies (hopefully) and then head to a friend’s 40th birthday party. Probably will be a late nite again and not one filled with much creativity, but y’never know.