Day 5 – Heather

Early start to the day – shower, finish packing, check my paperwork, send a couple of mails, and then Judy and I head to Tuttle club. Have a quick meeting about a new film club and then network, look at canon setting up (plan was to talk cameras but not ready by time I have to head to airport.  Terminal 4 is surprisingly quiet and I check in my bags before settling into Café rouge for an hour.  Lunch and emails to answer.  Then I go through security, grab a coffee and get on the plane.  The plane looks like it’s right out of the 70s and smells of stale smoke.  The plane’s engine sounds sick and my seat is tilting back on one side.  I sleep my way through the cheese, butter and pickle sandwiches I can’t eat and spend the last hour reading the end of the 8 mile script on my iPod.  Milan, the editor of my book, is at the airport to pick me up, new book in hand.  It’s beautiful.  He drives me to Dragana’s house where Dejan is there to greet me. We’re lucky to get there in good time as there had been student protests during the day which had slowed traffic to a stand still.

Dragana came home and Milan went back to his family (his 2 year old twins had to go to bed).  We had supper then went to check out Casa Garcia as I was doing readings there this weekend and Dejan had to flyer and put up posters.  Back home by 1 am – I slept on the bus on the way then to sleep, to sleep.