Day 5 – Jacob

Short one to round off the week from me.

The original plan for Friday included drafting a poem for a submission, leading one of my poetry project days at Morpeth, running a workshop after school in Covent Garden for another class of Singaporean students, and squeezing some time in somewhere to look after a few of the blogs. Came out of my corner swinging hard and ready to get some work done, starting with a 7am start and a workout. First, I had to review and refine my workshop plans for the day. By the time I got through everything it was close to half 8, and the time left for drafting the poem was rapidly draining away.

Then came the phone call. Friday was Eid, a number of students weren’t making it into school, my poetry project was down to half strength, the head decided it would be a good idea to have the poetry project join up with the sports project, with the final result that I didn’t need to go into school. I’d been looking forward to catching up with the class, but the unexpected time was a blessing.

So the day became a poetry day. I caught up on a fair amount of writing, then left for my afternoon workshop. Got home around 8pm and, after posting some content to the Slam in Chicago blog, I decided to call it an early night. Properly, this time.