Day 5 – Paula Small (written on Day 6)

I caught up on the other posts and I found m’self smiling and nodding along. I’m amazed at how much everyone manages to cram into his/her life. “Manages” probably not the correct verb, but onwards & upwards …

I’m always behind in posting (time zone-wise), which has been a funny thing to ponder as I read others’ adventures in the writing juggling act.

This post is for Friday and I’m the first to admit that I’m surprised I got any writing done. I didn’t have to work, because my office observes Friday as an extension of the Thursday holiday. Yea!

As I had a late nite on Thursday, I awoke at my usual time and then lolled about in bed. Finally, at ~9:30 am, I got myself out of bed and … onto the sofa. I ate and looked about my apartment to consider whether I should actually *do* anything. I played on Facebook, e-mailed and talked on the phone with others who didn’t have to work that day.

To avoid housework, I typed out an intro paragraph that popped into my head. I’ve so many “starts” and not enough “finishes” it ain’t even funny.

I did a bit of a job search, as well as a search for a TV, bookcase and desk. Touched base with friends, as they decided to shop tomorrow instead of today. That worked for me, because I was enjoyin’ my lazy day. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to join ’em on Saturday, as I had a coupla things to do – a haircut appt and some audio work.

Watched a DVD, but not one of the ones I rented, because I figured I had time. Oops! After a few phone convos and some food, time started slippin’ away. I’ve no idea what happened, but soon, it was time for me to get ready for a friend’s 40th birthday party.

I was on Facebook on/off, when a friend messaged me to ask about the party. Told her I was goin’ & could give her a ride there. That’s why I have a car, to make life a li’l simpler.

Finally decide I can peel m’self away from my notebook, since I couldn’t bear to stare at a blank page any longer. As I start to get dressed for the party, another verse to a song in progress pops into my head. Oh goodness, then there’s a hook! I repeat both until I can scramble to my notebook. I don’t dare try to type onto my computer, because I’ve lost the rhythm/words that way before & now I’m a tad superstitious.

Finish gettin’ ready, grab a coupla bottles of Martinelli’s Cider for the party, text my friend that I’m on my way & head out.

I pick up my friend & say hi/give hugs to a coupla other friends who live with her, as well as a bit of a scratch to the pup. We get to the party and find yummy food – I eye the falafel balls straight away & the tabbouleh. One of the guests brings some vegan chocolate oatmeal cranberry brownie-type things. I don’t even like chocolate, but I try one and find my tastebuds delighted!

There’s some drinkin’, some more eatin’, tons of laughter & new folks to meet! I’m engaged in convos with folk I’ve only just met that night, but felt as if I could’ve known some of them longer. More laughter & I head away from the fireplaces to the backyard fire pit. I catch up with some more folk – familiar and not so familiar – ’round the fire. It gets to be a bit too brisk, even with the fire and I return inside. Notice the time & it’s a quarter after midnite. We’d been at the house since ~8 pm!

Start to get ready to head home, but only make it into the kitchen, where there’s more convo and laughter. Resume a convo about a movie that neither one of the guests nor I can quite capture, even though we both can recall the plot. We share our frustration with others, to no avail & finally she makes a call & awakens her partner. I’m only slightly sorry for her partner, because I’m more concerned with gettin’ this movie title riddle solved.

Her partner names the title & we rejoice! No, really, I do a li’l dance & there’s hi-fives all around. It was silly yet fun & a great end to the night.

Our departure that began at ~12:15 pm was delayed to 1:15 pm and we finally hug everyone again and leave. I drop off my friend and head home. I arrive at just a li’l after 2 am and attempt to watch one of the DVDs, since I didn’t return either one. I start to fall asleep and decide to switch to music instead. It’s almost 3 am and I have an appointment to cut my hair at 11 am. I’m glad that it’s only Saturday and that makes me happy and I drift off to sleep.