Day 6 — Samera

Today I read all of Naomi’s posts back to back. You can form more of a story when the posts are read back to back. It was really interesting. One thing this experience has highlighted to me is how insular freelance work is. I always comment on the rat race and how people are all kind of pulled along in this work moat; just dragged around and around. Well, working freelance is like being dragged around that moat with a blindfold on. We have such similar issues and hang-ups, but the work practice leaves you feeling like an island.


It’s common knowledge among my friends that I am scared of my email. I don’t mind to send stuff but I have an aversion to addressing the reems of sent messages. I thought about attempting this task today, solely because I’m being watched. Then I decided that it wouldn’t be a true representation of my working week if I did such a thing. Entourage was left open all day though.

(For any worried souls who have sent me messages, I consistently check my gmail. I have managed to fool myself with a lie; in my head that’s my ‘personal’ email, so that gets checked at least twice an hour.)

As I’ve been sick, I spent most of today playing catch-up. That included more listings, picking a playlist for my radio show and some interview research.

I was rubbed up the wrong way today by an acquaintance, which led to a mini outburst on facebook and me turning off my phone. I’ve never done that before (turn of my phone I mean; the mini outbursts are a far more regular occurrence than I care to admit). I think this is still part of the resonance of my Birmingham trip. It was mildly liberating, but more so it was a disappointment. As silly as it sounds, I definitely felt less vital with the phone off, or more accurately, with the phone not needing to be on.

I watched a bit of telly today, whilst chowing down on Penguins. I finished the whole pack of 6, so once I’ve posted this, I’ll hop on the Wii. (I would get on my pilates chair, but come on! It’s like 10 to midnight!)