Day 6 – Heather

Wake up at 10 – shower and look through poems for the day’s readings.  Coffee and bread with homemade jam, then bus into the centre of Serbia.  First stop at the Translation centre where there is talk about the new book.  I read a couple poems and answer some questions but don’t understand a lot as it’s mostly in Serbian.  Then an afternoon with Vesna, who translated my book – we go to Pasa for a fish lunch and then to a café for coffee and orange juice.  Before I know it it’s almost 8 so we head to Casa Garcia for the reading.  We’re the first ones there.  Slowly it begins to fill but not too many people.  We start the reading at 9 and it goes down well – a few familiar faces from 2 years ago and a few new.  Sign some books before heading to a club with Vesna, Dragana and a couple of Vesna’s friends – we drive to the club at the bottom of the hill the fortress sits on.  We get a table and drinks and wait for the live band to start.  All covers but they’re good and we dance our way through the whole set.  The DJ comes back on and it’s Serbian 90s techno and Dragana is ready to go.  We grab a cab and pick up Dejan on the way back.  It’s about 1:30 am.  Have alphabet soup and toast that we picked up from the corner store.  End the evening typing these logs and watching a bizarre film with Annette Benning and Robert Downey Jr.  Came in half way through so entirely confused.