Day 6 – Paula Small

Saturday isn’t over for me yet, but as it’s Sunday in most of the world, I think it’ll be ok for me to be ahead of the game for once.

Today, there wasn’t an abundance of creativity (oh the horror!). I awoke at ~8:30 am and set an alarm for 9:45 am. I wouldn’t be asleep, but I also didn’t want to watch the clock as I lazily pulled the covers back over me.

Got a phone call, so I was up and chattin’ and disabled my alarm. I watched a bit of a DVD, then got ready to “hit the bricks”. I arrived at my haircut appointment on-time & even found parking right outside. My stylist was workin’ on another client & I had a few minutes wait, so I flipped through a magazine. Could’ve scribbled in my li’l journal I carry with me at all times, but I didn’t. Less than an hour later, my hair was cut & washed. I keep my hair low, even in the Autumn & Winter, which surprises people. But, with the really dry air here, I won’t even fuss with much hair. I can barely tolerate having what I call a mini ‘fro, let alone a head full of hair. I dunno how people do it.

I reserved a production studio at the station for 2 pm, so I could research, prepare and record my audio for the Tuesday Community Calendar. Instead of headin’ back home, I decide to swing by the station, in case the room’s available, so I could start & finish earlier. I arrived at the station & unlike my last visit there, I wait only a few seconds before I’m buzzed in … yea!

I grab a cup o’ coffee and half ‘n’ half & head to the room; it’s completely open. I checked the schedule & see that someone’s reserved it at 1 pm, but not at noon, so I jump right on the computer & power things on. I have about 30 minutes before the room’s to be claimed, but that gives me enough time to acclimate to this production room, since we used a different one for the Calendar. It also gave me time to research the events I wanted to include.

I pull up my text from the last recording and select 3 events to include, but I also find over 3 more and decide on 2 of those to include on this Tuesday’s calendar. As I complete the updated text, the person who reserved the room arrives. She graciously tells me that she only needs it for maybe 15 minutes and then I can get it back. I tell her no worries that I had it reserved at 2 pm, so I was fine for the time being.

I move to another workstation to read through my text silently, as I edit & then aloud. True to form, she walks over to me & tells me the room is free. Woo hoo!

I return to the room to record the audio. It’s during the recording that I remember I hadn’t eaten more than a coupla ginger snap cookies. I stumble over a coupla names and resort to phonin’ friends to find the correct pronunciation for a town’s name. Oregon has several towns with names that aren’t pronounced as their spelled or even pronounced in other parts of the country. It’s not unique to Oregon; every state has some exception to the rule.

After I get confirmation of the town’s name, I edit my text once again, since I copy & paste it onto the website, so that anyone can view the information on-line. The audio file will accompany the text.

I laugh a few times into the mic & start and stop again & again. I play with levels, enunciation and amount of information to include. Finally, I get an edit that’s website ready and I set it up. The website uploading is done & then I transfer the audio to the air room, from where it’ll run 4 times throughout Tuesday.

I almost bounce out of the room, I’m so happy to be done. To be fair, I would’ve been done sooner, but I checked e-mail and played a bit of Facebook, as I waited for the audio to upload. It didn’t help that I changed my text a few times either.

Returned home and did quite a bit of household chores, then prepared some food. I had intentions to catch up on the rental DVDs, so I could return them by 7 pm, but once again, I didn’t. I arrived home at a li’l after 4 pm and that pretty much killed the plan. I did finish watchin’ a Netflix rental that I plan to loan a friend, when I see her tonite, before we head to karaoke.

I took time to play on Facebook, catch up on e-mail and then update these posts. The only plan left for this nite is karaoke. I’m not leavin’ here ’til ~10:30 pm, so it’ll be another late nite.

The only plan I have for tomorrow is to finish watchin’ the rental DVDs or at least return them, then meet up with a friend for poker at a venue. It’s his birthday, so I’m hopin’ that’ll bring us both some luck.

I haven’t any plans for the daytime, so I actually plan to focus on writing, so I can end this project on a much more creative note! Thanks to everyone for the posts; they’ve been interestin’ reads and I have a bit of a poem rustlin’ about the ol’ grey matter, inspired by the posts.