Day 7 – Heather

Spend most of my free day in Belgrade in Dragana’s apartment.  I don’t wake up until 12 and then get dressed and read the script for 40 year old Virgin.  The ending of the actual film is so much better than it’s written – I’m glad they ended up doing the version we all know and love.  It’s breakfast/ lunch as we watch the news –  toast, Ajvar, tuna paste, pickles, homemade jams, muesli, and coffee. We hang out, get ready, phone calls are made and then it’s time to venture out.  4 o’clock and the day is already turning into night.  We visit the new book shop at the student centre and they have my book!  It takes a picture with Walt Whitman and Edgar Allen Poe’s books and me of course.  As we walk through town, Dejan and Dragana point out the world around us and they don’t mind me stopping every so often (i.e. every couple of steps) to take photos.  We go to St. Stava’s (the biggest church in Belgrade – maybe even Serbia).  It’s not finished yet but further along than I saw it 2 years ago.

We hoped on a trolley and headed further into town.  My friend Milan said that the trolleys in Belgrade are mainly old Russian or Czech trolleys that were given a bit of polish before being given for free to Serbia.  They were excited to have them but the trolleys are all old and have a habit of breaking.  Not good when there is already a problem with traffic congestion. Dejan wanted to take me to the writers centre in the same building as the Association of Literary Translators but the gates were shut. 

Dinner was at “?” which is a traditional Serbian restaurant that’s been around since the beginning of the 1800s.  We shared pickled cabbage, vegetables, squid, carp and tasty bread.  All accompanied with Serbian Wine.  We finished eating and headed to my last gig of the trip.  Here is a little something from that night: Poetry, wine, laughs and a bus ride home at 1 am to pack my bags. 

Home again, home again, jiggitty jig.