Day 7 — Samera

Sunday was a tricky day. I tried to do too much. I went to Church in the morning, I did the family thing and then I tried to attend two events. Didn’t quite squeeze it all in…

Church is always good. Though I try to skip my Sunday sessions, I more or less always end up going and more or less always leave feeling refreshed. I love being in Church. It’s a place where there’s always something bigger than you, more important than you, more senior than you, more in control than you, and that’s fine. There’s no power struggle here. There’s no shame in my reliance.

Then there’s all the routine; the Eucharistic prayer, communion, the repetition, much like mantras. You can just slip in and be carried along by the familiarity. It’s meditation at it’s highest form. Great stuff.

My Sundays are about blowing a big cozy bubble (church) and seeing how long I go before something bursts it (the world). The family thing went fine really, it just overran somewhat. It left me in a position where I couldn’t attend both of my evening functions. Both were important in different ways. I inevitably had to pick one but didn’t really enjoy being there as much as I should have because I had let down the side at the other place. The moment I was 10 minutes behind with my family stuff I had entered into loose loose territory.

I’m actually writing this entry on Monday night; I didn’t have the heart to write it on Sunday. I’ve very much enjoyed the process and I’m a bit gutted it’s coming to an end! I’ve learned so much about myself and others. Hooray for Jacob I say :o)