The Weekend Edition – part one (aka Day 6)

It occurs to me that I didn’t post anything over the weekend. When I invited people to join the blog, I presumed that they wouldn’t want to post “productivity journals” over the weekend. Tsk. Bearing in mind the kind of people I invited, I really should have known better.

Saturday, there wasn’t much to speak of. In the morning, I took care of the flat. Domestics, glorious domestics. That done, I moved on to some planning and reviewing. Notes taken on the kind of week I had in comparison to what I was hoping for, and the week ahead. One of the good things that’s I’ve observed from this week is the way my scheduling is heading in (what for me is) a good direction. A little more space in between things. Less manic activity. There are always busy periods and less busy periods, and I’m winding down for the end of the year, but I feel as if I have a pretty good relationship with the systems I use to manage incoming “stuff” and that can only be a good thing. Of course, such systems need to be stress tested…

Post-planning, I wrote the rest of Saturday off for quality time with mum. I took her to the V&A, where we ambled through the Fashion, Silverwork and Jewellery exhibitions. The only negative came when we tried to get something to eat at Kwality Tandoori on Thurloe Place. After 45 minutes without any indication of our ordered mango lassis arriving, and watching other guests abandon their tables in disgust with the quality of the service, we decided to jump ship.

Ended the day feeling good, ‘Kwality’ notwithstanding.