The Weekend Edition – part two (aka Day 7)

Sunday. Lovely Sunday.

Managed to keep my routine of reading first thing in the morning. Finished reading through Adrian Tomine’s Shortcomings, and which was worth the time invested. The protagonist is a thoroughly disagreeable character, with few if any redeeming features, but really, he’s trapped in the straight-jacket of his own personality. Loved the final few panels as the world outside the airplane window dropped away into nothing. It’s subtle and understated work, particularly bearing the medium in mind – reading a graphic novel, I’ve certainly been trained to expect more visual fx, even in the more adult (less spandex and superpowers) kind of graphic novels I prefer to read these days. I’ll be looking out for more Tomine in the future…

To maintain my reading schedule, I picked a few more books from the ‘To Read’ pile. There’s a lot there to choose from, but while I had my reasons for buying everything that’s there, I’m not currently excited by everything that’s in “the tower that threatens to collapse and drown me every time I look at it.” I pulled the 2009 edition of Rhino, Josh Waitzkin’s Art of Learning, and The Best American Essays 2006, which should keep me going until my next Amazon delivery.

For the rest of the morning, I wrote a journal entry, read a few articles that my RSS subscriptions turned up, and blogged a bit. Sorted through and archived photos from the past few months (lots of photographic work to post-process and post on the blog…) Drafted a rough idea for a poem inspired by watching CSI with the missus yesterday (Saturday) evening. Cleaned up the hard drive on my Macbook Pro (1GB left on a 250GB drive – not healthy…)

Early afternoon, I took myself to the National Portrait Gallery to check in on the Taylor Wessing Photographic Prize. Picked out a number of names of photographers to follow up on, but I wanted a little more about the story behind each image.

Handled a little shopping on Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road in the rain (knitwear and stationery), then schlepped down to the Southbank. From the lack of impassioned “I’ll be there” messages, I didn’t think I’d be joined by any WHWDers, so I took the time out to plan 2010, plan the reboot of the Vineyard website in a bit more detail, read (Rhino 2009) and draft another poem. Then home to spend some quality time with the missus.