Naomi – conclusions and insights

My ! – what a lofty title for a humble blog entry, it’s a shock to me too as I did not expect that a week of blogging detailing my task management could be so revealing. I was expecting the week long experiment to reveal to me how I mismanage my task list, perhaps push me towards a more integrated system (rather than the paper diary and endless bits of A4 lists I have now) or that I’d discover exactly how much time I waste dragging my feet on facebook and showing off to the virtual wilderness.

I was wrong – yes all that I have mentioned above does need addressing without a doubt, however the two biggest things that have come out of the week for me are about my need for connectedness with other people, that’s it ok to ask for help. The other thing has arisen out of conversations I have had outside my blog entries and journal writing, that I need to put a monetary value on what I do and go out there and start earning some real money for my skills.

For me the reaches of the week go far beyond time management and action planning. It was serendipitous that I felt so awful when the chronicling of the week began as it allowed me to search what I was doing and why. I know that the initial purpose of the blog was to be an insight in to the ways we work as artists and that alone is fascinating (I cannot thank Jacob enough for setting this up) and I hope I have not hijacked the logs with some turgid self-analysis fascinating to only myself (yes I know have a bit…) so I will wrap this up quickly.

Yes it was good and far better than I ever expected (finding out that Samera did a lot of work from her bed was a comfort and inspiration, finding out that Jacob was doing a workout whilst I am still hugging up to the last bit of warmth from my hot water bottle was awe inspiring). I guess for me the next step would be to meet again in 6 months and ask the question What has changed, what has stayed the same? And for now I want to know what other people feel they gained from the week.

Love always to all of you
Naomi x