Disorganised idealist, writer and teacher…

A little spot of procrastination, or respite after getting sproglets to finally accept their day’s at an end.

I’m absolutely atrocious at getting things done – still haven’t sent envelopes I discussed on an Arvon trip three years ago – but normally due to forgetfullness; I have tried all sorts, diary (I forget to fill it in / write in it), lists (forget to look at them), computers, electronic reminders… the only thing that seems to work is physical organisation by another sentient human.  In between forgetting things, I’ve been Head of English at a Suffolk school for six years, I write – struggling to do prose and poetry simultaneously – rant about all sorts (often modern architecture), spend time with the children being silly and generally cavort recklessly around a world (despite the odd whinge), I enjoy tremendously.

Today I’ve spent 90 minutes travelling to and from work, taught for 4 1/2 hours, reorganised the desks in my classroom, organised 3 curriculum meetings and spent 40 minutes on general admin.  Spent lunch in my car smoking and reading the Guardian… followed that with a couple more after a disagreement over the importance of handwriting with a science teacher.  Since getting home at 5 I’ve transposed curriculum goals to a new spreadsheet, got the children to bed and read another Charlie & Lola story… Now having until 9 as my time, after which I shall mark 30 essays on 1900 life, finish the curriculum review and progression targets.  Bed by midnight I hope.  Unless I get distracted by facebook or MahJong.