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Day 7 – Heather

Spend most of my free day in Belgrade in Dragana’s apartment.  I don’t wake up until 12 and then get dressed and read the script for 40 year old Virgin.  The ending of the actual film is so much better than it’s written – I’m glad they ended up doing the version we all know and love.  It’s breakfast/ lunch as we watch the news –  toast, Ajvar, tuna paste, pickles, homemade jams, muesli, and coffee. We hang out, get ready, phone calls are made and then it’s time to venture out.  4 o’clock and the day is already turning into night.  We visit the new book shop at the student centre and they have my book!  It takes a picture with Walt Whitman and Edgar Allen Poe’s books and me of course.  As we walk through town, Dejan and Dragana point out the world around us and they don’t mind me stopping every so often (i.e. every couple of steps) to take photos.  We go to St. Stava’s (the biggest church in Belgrade – maybe even Serbia).  It’s not finished yet but further along than I saw it 2 years ago.

We hoped on a trolley and headed further into town.  My friend Milan said that the trolleys in Belgrade are mainly old Russian or Czech trolleys that were given a bit of polish before being given for free to Serbia.  They were excited to have them but the trolleys are all old and have a habit of breaking.  Not good when there is already a problem with traffic congestion. Dejan wanted to take me to the writers centre in the same building as the Association of Literary Translators but the gates were shut. 

Dinner was at “?” which is a traditional Serbian restaurant that’s been around since the beginning of the 1800s.  We shared pickled cabbage, vegetables, squid, carp and tasty bread.  All accompanied with Serbian Wine.  We finished eating and headed to my last gig of the trip.  Here is a little something from that night: Poetry, wine, laughs and a bus ride home at 1 am to pack my bags. 

Home again, home again, jiggitty jig.

Day 6 – Heather

Wake up at 10 – shower and look through poems for the day’s readings.  Coffee and bread with homemade jam, then bus into the centre of Serbia.  First stop at the Translation centre where there is talk about the new book.  I read a couple poems and answer some questions but don’t understand a lot as it’s mostly in Serbian.  Then an afternoon with Vesna, who translated my book – we go to Pasa for a fish lunch and then to a café for coffee and orange juice.  Before I know it it’s almost 8 so we head to Casa Garcia for the reading.  We’re the first ones there.  Slowly it begins to fill but not too many people.  We start the reading at 9 and it goes down well – a few familiar faces from 2 years ago and a few new.  Sign some books before heading to a club with Vesna, Dragana and a couple of Vesna’s friends – we drive to the club at the bottom of the hill the fortress sits on.  We get a table and drinks and wait for the live band to start.  All covers but they’re good and we dance our way through the whole set.  The DJ comes back on and it’s Serbian 90s techno and Dragana is ready to go.  We grab a cab and pick up Dejan on the way back.  It’s about 1:30 am.  Have alphabet soup and toast that we picked up from the corner store.  End the evening typing these logs and watching a bizarre film with Annette Benning and Robert Downey Jr.  Came in half way through so entirely confused.

Day 5 – Heather

Early start to the day – shower, finish packing, check my paperwork, send a couple of mails, and then Judy and I head to Tuttle club. Have a quick meeting about a new film club and then network, look at canon setting up (plan was to talk cameras but not ready by time I have to head to airport.  Terminal 4 is surprisingly quiet and I check in my bags before settling into Café rouge for an hour.  Lunch and emails to answer.  Then I go through security, grab a coffee and get on the plane.  The plane looks like it’s right out of the 70s and smells of stale smoke.  The plane’s engine sounds sick and my seat is tilting back on one side.  I sleep my way through the cheese, butter and pickle sandwiches I can’t eat and spend the last hour reading the end of the 8 mile script on my iPod.  Milan, the editor of my book, is at the airport to pick me up, new book in hand.  It’s beautiful.  He drives me to Dragana’s house where Dejan is there to greet me. We’re lucky to get there in good time as there had been student protests during the day which had slowed traffic to a stand still.

Dragana came home and Milan went back to his family (his 2 year old twins had to go to bed).  We had supper then went to check out Casa Garcia as I was doing readings there this weekend and Dejan had to flyer and put up posters.  Back home by 1 am – I slept on the bus on the way then to sleep, to sleep.

Day 4 – Heather

Today started with a little lie in as I just couldn’t get up.  I ended up staying up until almost 2 sorting out music.  Now by lie in I don’t mean a true lie in as I was out of the house by 8 am to get to Richmond – another day at PayPal.  Spent the morning talking through some of the stuff I was working on with the guys in San Jose last night and rewrote the end of the article I wrote yesterday (as I was a bit too salesy – and I definitely don’t want that).  A few more questions were answered and then had lunch with a couple of the other contractors in the office.  Wow – another lunch out.  This seems like a habit.  Maybe I go out more than I thought.

After Wagamamas, I stopped by M&S to buy some tights and then back at my desk.  Marketing meeting at 3.  Some interesting items – the Head of Marketing at PayPal UK is really switched on so his presentations and comments are always really insightful. I then met with the new consumer brand manager about using Audioboo for talking about offers and how we need to start being personal with our communications in the social space.  I tested our devises and started constructing an email to all of the company to recruit them into PayPal roving reporters.  Still need to do more work on the design of our audioboo page so won’t finish and send until Monday.  Offered my skills to the new eWIN group (women’s network) and talked through the plans of teaching some weekend communications courses in the West Midlands.  The first official one won’t be until September but have to do a lot of work developing the course beforehand.

Out for drinks and food for the Brand & Campaign management section of the team – I’m included in that as it’s the department most suitable to have me in.  We went to OriginAsia, it was pretty good despite their order mix-ups and the problem with their credit card machine at the end.  Then to the Rock and Rose for more drinks – Strawberry Bellinis for me :)  My friend Judy from Glasgow met us there and at 1 took a cab back to mine. Visited for a little bit, then I packed and went to bed.

Day 3 – Heather

It’s day 3…I can’t believe Wednesday is almost done but here we are.  This morning starts with another run and it’s not too bad.  I’m in Richmond today and the sun is bright so I’m excited about life, even don’t mind going into an office – oh the power of the sun!

Emails then a meeting about next year’s plans for the developers network – hopefully I’ll be filming some of it.  Just got to work my magic.  12 hit and it was the launch of the eBay Women’s Network.  Some sushi from Pret for lunch (honestly, I never get this much take away lunch ever!) and then we had a Europe wide conference call. 

The session was meant to go until three but I needed to get some work done so I left at 1:45 – I think I was also annoyed by hearing a consultant say how women aren’t good networkers and how they often aren’t confident and would opt out of work if they could. Sigh. I’m sure the same goes for a lot of men.

I wrote a new article for Let’s Talk and then had calls with people in Dublin, San Jose, and Bonn.  End of day came and went.  Had dinner at the office as I wrote my running blog and my day 2 blog for here and tried to fix the code on my Red on Black Productions site so that I have a blog on the site that’s only on one page (and not the homepage).  I may have to speak sweetly to Jacob to give me some pointers.

Went through a film club plan with my friend Natalie and thought out loud with her about my first possible non-doc short film. Skyped with my friend Andrea in Edmonton and we talked about her 40th birthday plans to Machu Picchu (which I’m going to join her on!)  Then I talked music and syncing rights with my editor (we don’t understand about the charges and what is acceptable for a musician to ask for for a 3 minute documentary – I’m thinking not too much but the group we asked is asking for way too much) .

Home time and laundry and did my exercise profile on the Wii.  Watched an episode of Being Erica as I had some broth, put my laundry out, put another load in.  Am now watching House and writing this entry as I wait for my last load to finish washing.  Then to bed!  Being that it’s already after 12, it’s not too bad.

Day 2 – Heather

I started today by walking most of the way to workand then preparing for a meeting to discuss the information archetechture for phase 2 of Let’s Talk – way more social interaction to go in there.  Woohoo.  Then the meeting for 90 minutes – and my PayPal counterpart loved it (which made me so happy as I want this pretty new site). 

I convinced the social media guy and PayPal brand rep to go out for lunch so we went to the Pheonix. I can’t believe I had two days in a row where I actually went out for lunch.  Amazing.  The afternoon was spent answering questions and dealing with a customer service error.  I decided to walk home after work and call Cath at the same time.  At home, I ate and watched some TV on my laptop before crawling into bed and writing 3 blog entries and answering a couple emails.  I wanted to do laundry and pack (I’m off to Serbia on Friday to launch my new book) but the 2 hours of walking made me very tired so I nodded off before I could call my sister.  Another early evening – asleep by midnight.  No time for creative writing – I’m only writing blogs these days.  Must find the…zzzz….

Day 1 – Heather: blogging, foruming & poeting

So I started my day in the rain running. This is week two of my training and according to my running plan, I’m up to 18 minutes of running a day. It doesn’t sound like too much but I’m getting there! I’m currently on a contract with PayPal so I was down in Richmond head office for the day. I sent 39 emails during the course of the day and sent off email interview questions to some of the latest winners of the current PayPal competition. I also answered questions online on the forum of Let’s Talk – the website I run for PayPal. Usually I get people on there who are frustrated and Let’s Talk is the last place they feel they can turn to for help or for their questions answered. It can be hard going sometimes as people can be very angry but when you help them, it’s a great feeling.

I took out an hour for lunch (which I never usually do) and caught up with my friend Chuck who works as a liason between PayPal and eBay. Back at my desk, I worked on the forum and analyzed the information on phase 2 of development of the site. At 4, I took a break and spoke with a company in Canada that I want to work with on my full length documentary, Wild West Dream, and they’re going to come back to me with some costings. I then finished work and ran to the train. My friend Michelle says I should be called Rushin’ as I’m always rushing everywhere. She’s completely right.

While waiting for the train, I spoke to my executive producer about the documentary, told her how the call went and asked her the best places to find music for the short doc my team and I finished last week and are getting it ready to enter in a Channel 4 competition this weekend.

I was due at Linklaters in Barbican at 7 and made it there by the skin of my teeth. I was on my way into the middle of the city to perform at the presentation of the Hackney Young Poet Laureate Awards (and to give the awards to the winners). I worked with the students a few weeks before and I got to hear their award winning poems as well as the ones we started working on at our workshop. Not all the students ended up coming but I think it was a nice little night with parents, students and some people from the Learning Trust. Here is the first half of my reading and this is the second half of it.

A few of us went for a drink afterwards (don’t worry! No students came along!) and I headed home at 10 after a little red wine and chips. Once home, I searched for music for the documentary and fell asleep around 12ish. Earlier then normal – I think the small amount of running has begun to make me sleepy.

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