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Day 7 — Samera

Sunday was a tricky day. I tried to do too much. I went to Church in the morning, I did the family thing and then I tried to attend two events. Didn’t quite squeeze it all in…

Church is always good. Though I try to skip my Sunday sessions, I more or less always end up going and more or less always leave feeling refreshed. I love being in Church. It’s a place where there’s always something bigger than you, more important than you, more senior than you, more in control than you, and that’s fine. There’s no power struggle here. There’s no shame in my reliance.

Then there’s all the routine; the Eucharistic prayer, communion, the repetition, much like mantras. You can just slip in and be carried along by the familiarity. It’s meditation at it’s highest form. Great stuff.

My Sundays are about blowing a big cozy bubble (church) and seeing how long I go before something bursts it (the world). The family thing went fine really, it just overran somewhat. It left me in a position where I couldn’t attend both of my evening functions. Both were important in different ways. I inevitably had to pick one but didn’t really enjoy being there as much as I should have because I had let down the side at the other place. The moment I was 10 minutes behind with my family stuff I had entered into loose loose territory.

I’m actually writing this entry on Monday night; I didn’t have the heart to write it on Sunday. I’ve very much enjoyed the process and I’m a bit gutted it’s coming to an end! I’ve learned so much about myself and others. Hooray for Jacob I say :o)

Day 6 — Samera

Today I read all of Naomi’s posts back to back. You can form more of a story when the posts are read back to back. It was really interesting. One thing this experience has highlighted to me is how insular freelance work is. I always comment on the rat race and how people are all kind of pulled along in this work moat; just dragged around and around. Well, working freelance is like being dragged around that moat with a blindfold on. We have such similar issues and hang-ups, but the work practice leaves you feeling like an island.


It’s common knowledge among my friends that I am scared of my email. I don’t mind to send stuff but I have an aversion to addressing the reems of sent messages. I thought about attempting this task today, solely because I’m being watched. Then I decided that it wouldn’t be a true representation of my working week if I did such a thing. Entourage was left open all day though.

(For any worried souls who have sent me messages, I consistently check my gmail. I have managed to fool myself with a lie; in my head that’s my ‘personal’ email, so that gets checked at least twice an hour.)

As I’ve been sick, I spent most of today playing catch-up. That included more listings, picking a playlist for my radio show and some interview research.

I was rubbed up the wrong way today by an acquaintance, which led to a mini outburst on facebook and me turning off my phone. I’ve never done that before (turn of my phone I mean; the mini outbursts are a far more regular occurrence than I care to admit). I think this is still part of the resonance of my Birmingham trip. It was mildly liberating, but more so it was a disappointment. As silly as it sounds, I definitely felt less vital with the phone off, or more accurately, with the phone not needing to be on.

I watched a bit of telly today, whilst chowing down on Penguins. I finished the whole pack of 6, so once I’ve posted this, I’ll hop on the Wii. (I would get on my pilates chair, but come on! It’s like 10 to midnight!)

Day 5 — Samera

I went to Birmingham today to see a not so well relative. I went with my Mum, my sister and her two kids. And of course my laptop. I was deemed antisocial, which I wasn’t bothered by at all as the only reason they could state this to me personally was because I was on a train, with them, to Birmingham, to see a relative. They also claimed I was stressing them out with my work — a concept I don’t fully understand considering they are not doing any of it. I wasn’t particularly stressed about my work today, I was too busy doing it.

They can’t quite get their heads around my fluid deadline-driven working practices. To them elements of the day fit into clearly defined boxes. Being on the train to visit a relative was not a work box, so we should be talking about frivolous things. I don’t deal in boxes I deal in time. I forage for time. I deal in yield; time and effort. I don’t think they’ll ever understand this, and I’m probably going to lay explanation to rest at some point.

Talking of rest, care homes are very tranquil places. Every aspect is geared towards convalescence. The colours, layout, acoustics, decor, the works. Within five minutes of sitting, I was fighting to keep my eyes open. I do a lot of work in my bed at home so that place is no longer synonymous with sleep. It’s just another multi-purpose space. Not like the chair; that chair was so comfortable… it was like a hug. You know those bear hugs that slowly cut off your circulation, that’s what this was like: it was muffling my thoughts, like a dimmer switch lowering the light cast over a messy bedroom. Yes my mind is like a messy bedroom.

So, long story short, I got to thinking, I’ve never been on a retreat before (actually the first thought that popped into my head was that I might benefit from rehab, but that’s just because I’m melodramatic and I watch to much E!). I think I’m going to research these and see if I can add a trip to a retreat to quarter 2 or 3 next year. I’ve added an item on the topic to my Things, so the prospect is officially official.

While I was on a ‘chill-out, Sam’ trip, I thought I’d go to bed tonight without squeezing in some work. It feels like quite a treat.

Day 4 – Samera

Hmmm. Well I have a throat infection. I was told by a doctor, it’s not the usual self-diagnosis pulled from my arse.

I spent today sleeping and feeling emotional. I’ve painted my nails a rather dazzling shade of red. I’m achy.

I watched a few Family Guys and an American Dad. Made a few calls, cancelled a few meetings. And worked on the listings. I was supposed to be interviewing Erik Rico today, but luckily he had to postpone, so he’ll be coming onto my radioshow on Tuesday instead.

Today is my Evolving Words day. I’m the web editor for this project, which has been celebrating Darwin’s contributions for the past year as it’s the 200th anniversary of his birth. It’s been really interesting, check if out:

I uploaded some new content today and organised for content to be ready for my next session working on the site. Sent a few emails.

I needed to keep it simple today as I’m off to Birmingham tomorrow. I’ll be wearing thermals.

I’m going back to bed now.

Day 3 – Samera

I didn’t go to work today. Think I’ve got a cold. I book a doctor’s appointment for Thursday morning.

I managed to have a bit of a lay-in, but I tend to call my Friend Mary on the way to work to hear what kind of a day she’s got planned, or to catch up on the night before. Either that or she calls me, which is what she did this morning. It was good timing; 8.15am.

Resting gives you a chance to think. Things on my mind: I have to sort out my press pass for the Winter Music Conference in Miami in May. Need to speak to Jez at Shook about that. Erik Rico interview for Life In Colour; I should see if Jez wants a piece of that too — I like doubling up. There’s also an interview with Trizonna in the pipeline that I need to get sorted. I need to speak to JC about organising some live events for the acts I met in Atlanta. I need to have another look at my web presence as some of those Atlanta contacts want to promote me and my radio show and I honestly have nowhere solid to send them.

I soon come to the conclusion that I need to get out of my flat and get something done, as sitting around thinking is not making me any better. Plus the fresh air will do me good. So I bundle myself in thermals and scarves and got ready to go to the Royal Festival Hall. Dressing was tiring so I just lay down for a second. I woke up an hour later.

I had a meeting planned with Mary about a mentor programme we want to start; I had to cancel and change it to a conference call. I also had an interview with DJ Rhodium arranged for the evening; that too was cancelled. Questions will be emailed instead.

I spoke to Erik Rico’s tour manager Barry King. I arranged to do the interview tomorrow at the sound check for his launch event. I ended up philosophising with Barry King on the music industry and London’s creative scene for about an hour and a half. Turns out they’ll be at the Winter Music Conference so that’s a nice little in.

Did some sleeping, TV watching, Facebook browsing.

I had a call re one of my projects where the caller wasn’t very gungho about my proposals. I kind of felt like ‘what is the point’ and ate a pack of Jaffa Cakes.

Then I spoke to a really nice guy who runs a online flatplanning solution. We spoke about functionality and ended up talking about a way I could brand the product as my own and offer a great editorial solution… hmmm.

I honestly don’t feel like I got a lot done today, so I’m a little on edge. Bit grumpy. Ultimately, the one thing I needed to do today was sort out the listings for Life In Colour so the entries were ready to go. It means another super late night, but I’ll just have to work on them before bed. Right after American Dad.

Day 2 – Samera

Today I woke up drafting an email in my head. I need to let the Life In Colour publisher know that I have compiled the listings. I didn’t want to send them straight away as they all need editing. I had intended to do some editing in the day — again in my lunch hour — and so saved the 77 listings in a Dropbox folder. I opted against this in the end as I don’t like duplication of work. I really want to do it all in Scrivener and have a logical path/thread to what I’m producing. I like to keep things together. I’m troubled that Scrivener is so tied to one computer; it really does stunt my progress.

My face was hurting a bit because I was tired, having stayed up until 4am to finish the listings. So the draft email probably helped as I at least woke up alert. I opted to stay in bed for an extra 15mins — enough to appease my tiredness but not enough to reach that ‘late for work’ tipping point.

I ran to the bus stop. I actually run everyday, even if I’m early, because I’m so used to being late; it’s become somewhat of a habit!

I take a bus, tube and train to work. Then I walk. I travelled with my eyes closed on the bus as my face was still hurting. I really needed a seat on the tube, so I visualised myself in a tube seat while on the bus. I only had to wait one stop for a seat — result! Really it belonged to the man standing in front of it, but I really needed that seat. So I indicated my intention by removing my bag from my shoulder. When he turned and offered my the seat, I gave a delightful thank you. I’m sure that made his day.

On my lunch hour I made three calls. One arranged an interview with Erik Rico. (He’s in LA, which is 8 hours behind GMT, so the intention was to have the interview done at 2am. That gave me enough time to do my research and come up with questions. Unfortunately, I think I missed the confirmation call and so the interview will probably happen on Wednesday.) The next was to the Life In Colour admin time, just to touch base. The final call was to a friend for a quick hello.

I left work feeling super groggy. When I got home, after a quick family visit, I received one more call, this time regarding Amplified. I’m inspired by the plan of action and choice of direction for 2010 and my brain is doing overtime connecting the dots between my position in the team, plans for Amp and some of my new endeavours. Nice!

It’s 10pm and I’m officially no good to anyone, especially after a too hot bath. I decide to have a nap and end up waking up at 1am to continue working. The realisation that my Day 2 entry is going to have the wrong date on it sours my mood somewhat. But ho hum. Onwards and upwards.

Day 1

I’m scared. I’m scared because I’ve got too much to do. For the first time in ages (possibly ever) I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I work Monday to Wednesday at a publishing house in Kingston as an editor, so today I went to work. I live in East Ham so I have to get up pretty early — around 6.45am. I also get home around 6.45pm after a 5pm finish.

I have recently taken on a project as editor for London listings guide Life in Colour magazine. This will ordinarily be a few days a month, but as I only started on Thursday, I’ve been thrown in at the deep end for the next edition, which is a double edition — December and January — and is due on 4 December. That’s two weeks. The weekend was a bust because my Mum is in town (and I love her dearly and her company literally completes my day). I also had to go and see my Mum straight after work as she made a huge point about me seeing her today. When I got to my sister’s where she is staying she wasn’t there. I ended up killing an hour, but I did eat, so technically it was useful.

I’m really trying to squeeze in  compiling these listings, sourcing five interviews (which will have to be done and written up this week alongside my part-time job and other responsibilities) but I just can’t get my head around it this evening. I made a call to a writer and had a mini interview about some of the pages. I sent some admin emails to the mag, I posted a few on Twitter to drum up some listings, I called a couple of friends to pull in some favours. But I haven’t actually done anything yet. I did a few bits over the weekend, and I’m using Scrivener to compile all the content. Really need to pin down the features. In the back of my mind is my radio show, which is tomorrow 6 — 8pm. I haven’t planned my set yet. I’m probably going to have to do it at work — in my lunch hour of course…

I know I’m not going to sleep until about 2am — if I’m lucky. More likely 2.45. Unfortunately, if I pass 2.20am I’m a bit of a mess the next morning, but things pick up by midday.

The thought of sleeping late is stressing my out a bit, even though I sleep at this time more or less every day. I’m thinking about having a little cry later on. It probably won’t happen though, as it already feels like the biggest waste of time.

Well that’s my day.

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